The role of the communications committee is to help inform and educate the general, non-farming public about current agricultural issues and communicate county Farm Bureau (FB) news to members.

Communications committees work with local media to reach the public and solicit media coverage of agricultural and FB issues, acting as reporters when media can’t meet such requests, and contributing coverage of issues and events as warranted. County websites are a means to keep members informed about county Farm Bureau activities and issues.

The county communications committees compile, maintain and distribute media contact lists of local spokespeople and their areas of expertise. Committee members monitor media coverage and honor good work with a county-level Agricultural Communicator of the Year award.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide program of work to the county FB board each fall.
  • Maintain media contact list (commodity spokespeople) representing commodities and townships.
  • Prepare and distribute news releases in cooperation with other committees.
  • Contribute articles, opinion letters, photos and other content to media and MFB member publications as warranted.
  • Conduct media relations activities such as media visits, news and editorial conferences (involving county FB president or other leaders) and farm tours as warranted.
  • Recommend local Ag Communicator of the Year to the county FB board and forward nominations to the state-level contest.
  • Participate in training sessions offered by the MFB Information & Public Relations Division.
  • Promote county FB events such as P&E activities, county annual meeting, farm tours, legislative breakfasts, farm safety seminars, conservation workshops and outreach activities such as the county fair.

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