Get InvolvedThe strength of the organization comes from the county Farm Bureaus through thousands of volunteer leaders; planning social outings, educational workshops, political action and community forums; encouraging agricultural education in public schools; writing policy that guides the organization’s lobbying and emphasizing the economic importance of agriculture.

There is always a need for the enthusiastic member, as an out-in-front leader or a behind-the-scenes doer. There is great satisfaction in working hand in hand with friends and neighbors and those who produce our food and fiber, while supporting the common cause of Michigan agricultural products and services. 

Volunteer Opportunities

VolunteerGet involved in your county Farm Bureau through participation in working to influence legislators, working with the media, developing policy or working to help educate youth and the general public.

Promotion and Education

PromoEducIf you're wishing to share your agriculture story with the public, get involved with your county Promotion and Education committee.
  • Educate farmers
  • Educate youth
  • Educate consumers
  • Educate public officials

Young Farmers

YFlogoIf you're between the ages of 18 and 35 and want to make a difference, Michigan Farm Bureau's Young Farmer program is for you!  Our purpose is to inform, educate, lead and serve the county's young leaders in agriculture.